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Spare Parts

Rapidly available

Rapid and reliable availability of spare parts is an important factor in our ability to guarantee the fault-free operation of all our massive forming systems. As a machine manufacturer, being able to supply our customers with all necessary spare parts in as short a time as possible is something which is very close to our heart. In order to accomplish this, all spare parts orders are periodically analyzed and integrated into an optimized stockholding plan. In addition to this analysis, ­Hatebur also optimizes spare parts stockkeeping in consultation with the customer. ­Hatebur provides – the customer reaps the benefits.



正因如此,哈特贝尔和卡锣萨尔维存储了约 40,700 个不同备件,这些备件的制造时间较长,若无法供应会导致长时间生产中断。在计算机控制的仓库中,我们还存储了更多数量的小型部件。完美的服务能够加快响应速度,这是维持长期合作伙伴关系的基础。

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Larger spare parts

The stocking and availability of larger spare parts are
of great strategic importance for Hatebur customers.

Downtime costs money. This is why Hatebur stocks some 2,000 different spare parts, whose long manufacturing times could cause lengthy interruptions in production.

To expand its capacity in the area of ‘large parts’, Hatebur has also enlisted the services of an external logistics firm which has up to 300 m² of additional storage space available.




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