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卡锣萨尔维一模二冲 镦锻机


卡锣萨尔维二模四冲 镦锻机


卡锣萨尔维改革型 镦锻机




哈特贝尔与卡锣萨尔维两家公司的合并将双 方逻辑上共有的东西结合在一起:两家公司 的品牌和产品彼此完美互补。结果如何?哈特 贝尔主品牌下拥有了广泛的创新解决方案


Our performance.
Your advantage.


卡锣萨尔维 CS 246 E


Carlo Salvi与TR VIC合作


Auto Expo Components 2023

下一次活动: 2023年1月12-16日

MetalForm China 2022 - 中国国际金属成形展览会

下一次活动:2023年 7 月19-22日

The Carlo Salvi Academy is born: a new project to bring young people closer to the world of work.

Carlo Salvi Academy will develop a series of meetings in the schools of the territory to discuss together with students and experts about the challenges and the founding values of the world of work.

Very positive results for Carlo Salvi during the second edition Fastener Fair USA

The second edition of Fastener Fair USA, the International exhibition for fastener and fixing industry, ended with important and significant results for Carlo Salvi: new business contacts and positive climate for growth in the American market.

Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2019 ends with excellent results for Carlo Salvi

The 8th Fastener Fair Stuttgart, International Exhibition for the Fastener and Fixing Industry, ended last week after three very successful days for Carlo Salvi:
new business contacts and a positive climate for the future of the sector

Carlo Salvi contributes to the donation of a vehicle for the municipality of Garlate

Officially delivered to Astra Cooperativa a Fiat Punto that will be used to transport people with mobility problems



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