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1939 - 2019: 80 years of success

Carlo Salvi

Carlo Salvi, leading company in the wire forming field, is worldwide well known thanks to the reliability, the top quality and excellent performance of the header machines.

Our brand, created in 1939 by the homonymous founder - Mr. Carlo Salvi - represents today the excellence of Made in Italy by offering a wide range of heading solutions and a 360° customer support and services.

Since April 2016, our company has joined the Swiss company Hatebur with whom a partnership has been established with the aim of expanding into the market, with the aim of developing new technologies and with the aim of working in team in order to achieve even more ambitious goals.

80 years of experience: a dynamic company who is always looking to the future, but still today with the same passion of the founder.

Your advantage.

Our performance. Your advantage.

Our performance, your advantage: this is the Carlo Salvi's promise to each customer.

By employing our headers, we wish to guarantee advantages, primacies, competitiveness and excellences in order to improve the "customer-experience".

Our promise is to be applied for all the header machines of our range, from the smallest header to the most complex part: the success of our company is entirely reflected in customer's satisfaction.

Your advantage.

Discover our history and tradition


Carlo Salvi S.p.A

Foundation of the company by Mr. Carlo Salvi

Flat die thread rollers

Starting of the production of flat die thread rollers

Carlo Salvi S.p.A.

Relocation to Garlate, Italy

single die-double blow header

Manufacture of the first single die-double blow header to produce screw blanks 

New headers

Introduction of a line of headers for the production of semi tubular and fully tubular parts, which completely changed the market

New headers

Launch of 2 dies - 4 blows and multi-stations headers with up to 5/6 dies and 5/6 punches

Mr. Sergio Ziotti

When the founder Mr. Carlo Salvi disappeared, Mr. Sergio Ziotti became CEO of Carlo Salvi S.p.A.

Carlo Salvi USA

Toledo, Ohio, USA

Opening of the subsidiary

Carlo Salvi S.p.A.

Launch of the first 1-die 2- blow header equipped with linear wire feed, quick chanke kit and electronic settings

Carlo Salvi

Enlargment of the production area and offices in Garlate

Carlo Salvi 

Re-engineering of the entire production plant

Acquisition Multipress S.r.l.

Acquisition of a company manufacturer of progressive cold headers

Carlo Salvi 
(Guangzhou) Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou, China
Opening of the subsidiary

Carlo Salvi UK Ltd.

Telford, UK
Opening of the subsidiary

Acquisition Marelli s.n.c.

Completion of the vertical integration of the company with the acquisition of the assets of Marelli s.n.c., that had developed some software of electronic components for Carlo Salvi headers

CS 001

Launch on the market of the new header model CS 001

Carlo Salvi

Further enlargment of the production plant in Garlate

CS 248 E

Launch of the new header model CS 248 E

CS 668 E

Starting of the development of the new header model CS 668 E 

Hatebur and Carlo Salvi. Together since 2016

Merger between Hatebur and Carlo Salvi

Anniversary of Carlo Salvi S.p.A.

1939 - 2019: 80 years of success

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