Carlo Salvi

Carlo Salvi Doublestroke Headers

For the production of screw blanks as well as semi-tubular and solid parts at very high speed

Carlo Salvi

Carlo Salvi 2 Die 4 Blow Headers

For the production of solid, semi-tubular and fully tubular rivets as well as for parts with very complex shapes

Carlo Salvi

Carlo Salvi Progressive Headers

For the production of special screws, bolts, solid, semi-tubular and fully tubular parts with extremely complex shapes, features and tolerances that cannot be obtained on a doublestroke or 2 Die 4 Blow headers


Our technology is guarantee of efficiency and precision and can be applied in different and multiple domains.

Our performance.
Your advantage.

Carlo Salvi develops and manufactures efficient high-tech header machines for cold and hot wire forming and sells them all over the world.